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In each instance of a judge identified as wrong in this section, the individual seeking to tell his/her side of the story has supplied documentation for the charges made that this specific judge was wrong.  That documentation has been reviewed by mental health and legal professionals and a consensus has been reached that the documentation is sufficient to warrant the presentation of these perceptions of that judge.  The makeup of the reviewers will remain confidential to assure as objective and reasoned an approach as possible.  Confidentiality of reviewers also protects the reviewers from any intimidation or potential retaliation.

The person presenting the judge as wrong has also paid a fee to cover the costs of maintaining this website, entering the data, and the review process.  We also expect the payment of a fee to decrease the frequency of irresponsible or irrational outbursts of personal pique or idiosyncratic vituperation.  We intend this to be a serious and considered effort to give American citizens a voice in their dealings with the justice system and to contribute to the accountability of judges.

Robert L. Templin

Margaret T. Waller

Paul Czajka

Charles W. Cope

Nominating a judge ...

Due to the death of our founder, Ralph Underwager, in November 2003, we have suspended soliciting nominations for wrong judges.

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