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Links to Other Websites:

Prison Talk - Prisoner Family Support, Information & Assistance Community
(Support group for Ex-offenders, and family/friends of current offenders)  (6/18/07)

Loving a Sex Offender - Prison Talk
(subforum within the "PrisonTalk" support website)  (6/18/07)

(Activist Website for Ex-Offenders and those who are interested in activism
  against harsh and unreasonable "sex offender" laws)  (6/18/07)

What We Stand For
("Open Letter to Citizens of the United States" page of SO-Clear)  (6/18/07)

Actual Innocence awareness database
(Factors that contribute to the unjust incarceration of the wrongly convicted)  (6/18/07)

SCHR - Prisons and Jails
(Part of the "Actual Innocence" site, shining light on the vexing problems of
  ineffective assistance of counsel)  (6/18/07)

American Bar Association - Criminal Justice Section - Criminal Justice Magazine
(Another article which deals with criminal defense issues)  (6/18/07)

REDRESS, INC.  (10/8/06)



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